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My Axiom of Choice


Too many options give us too many choices. But what gives us no choice? Is it the absence of options? When we have no choice, do we really have ‘no choice’, at all?

I chose to tickle your mind with my elementary questions and assumptions on ‘choice’, thinking that the word is good to play around and with other words. But this piece is not about the usual ‘choice’ that you know; not on the typical ‘choice’ that you can take for granted.

Would you believe that choice is a mathematical term? There is actually a choice function, an Axiom of Choice. Let me be me for a while.

 If C is a family of nonempty sets, then we can choose a member from each set in that family. In other words, there exists a function f defined on C with the property that for each set S in the family, f(S) is a member of S.

If you find this hard to understand, don’t worry, this is not my main point. But such a function is called a choice function. Very roughly speaking, it is a function on a family of nonempty sets which “chooses” a member from each set in the family. And the Axiom of Choice says that we almost always have a choice function.

It is indeed like saying that we almost always have a choice. Isn’t it counterintuitive? Well that is Zermelo’s Axiom of Choice. But this piece is not about the ‘choice’ that a person of my shoes will impliedly know; not on a mathematical version of having a choice.

This piece is about My Axiom of Choice – the one I had so few years ago.  The Axiom of Choice I learned and heard from a mentor; and that same axiom taught me how to do well.

That Axiom of Choice I always use when in doubt and lost; the one that makes me see a choice when I feel I have no choice. And in troubled times, it is one that gives me no choice but to keep dreaming and to keep the fight.

I have chosen to embrace my Axiom of Choice. And when I picked it, I was in full grasp that it is a once and for all choice; and so that Axiom of Choice gives me no real choice but to stay firm and dedicated and strong.

My Axiom of Choice, sometimes I call it, faith.

I might be so down at times; but all I have to do is to invoke My Axiom of Choice.


With tears,


Random Choice



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