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With Tears, The One I Wrote Some Years Ago


It was March 2011 when I finished writing my manuscript – my undergraduate research paper. It felt happy and accomplished. Till I found out that I haven’t written my Acknowledgements.

Then I became nostalgic and happier and lonely. And for the next 15 minutes of that moment, I wrote:

My sincerest gratitude is to You Lord for this paper could have not been possible to accomplish without You in my life.

I thank God for giving me a family who has never stopped believing in me. To my grandmothers and grandfather who shared my dreams and aspirations by always morally and financially supporting me, I know it wasn’t always easy but for loving me, I owe you my best thanks. I will never forget.

I thank God for giving me the chance to work with Dr. Agnes Paras. For your patience, guidance and understanding, I have no word but thanks.

I thank God for sending me my best of friends in the Institute of Mathematics: Kaye Sangalang, Abbey Otilano, Hermie Monterde, and Freda Pueblos. For the concern and sympathy through all the good and bad times we had in our endeavors, thank you.

I thank God for lending me a short but sweet moment with my fellow Bible readers. For making my stay in UP memorable and worth it; for taking care of me during my saddest days; for the help of making me who I am now; for the glimpse of eternal friendship, thank you BREAD Society.

I thank God for the best Kuya and the lovable Ingkong who crossed my life out of the blue.

From the humblest to the greatest things I have, for the things I know and for the things I do not know, and for the unspeakable gift, to God be the glory.


Sincerely Yours,

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