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I Wrote for You, You Wrote for Me


When you know it is your last year in your undergraduate endeavor, one thing you have to prepare is your yearbook write-up. It is not easy (again at least to me) because you have to find someone who can do it for you. Luckily, I have friends and one of them happened to be my best bud – RC Mancenido.

It was October 2010 when I had written a write-up for him and after some short three months, he did one for me. Apparently, they had an earlier deadline.


Here’s mine for him:

Reserved and shy – he is mistaken to be so; 

but knowing him more proves anyone who thinks of this wrong.

Academic person is his best description of all, 

a clever man who never misses the honor roll

Lover of wisdom, of books and the Bible,  

such passions make him exceptionally knowledgeable.

Principled in good terms, so don’t get him wrong;

for he is a Christian, in heart and in soul

Hats off for this one of a kind man,

everyone who knows him couldn’t stop giving him a hand.


Aside from his popular and shallow “GC, tongue-tied and quiet” descriptions, Ralph Christian Mancenido  is a writer, an award-winning essayist, a man of history, a Facebook addict, a penny-wise, a music lover, a balladeer, a frustrated math enthusiast, an unprofitable servant,  a Christian, and a Bible reader.

Known to only a few is his being overly neat and spick-and-span as proved by an average of 45 minutes of taking a bath, 30 minutes being the minimum, and twice a day. Another undisclosed fact is his ambition of being a diplomatic official – an ambassador of he-only-knows-what.

 Most striking is this: Ralph has dreamt of being the FIRST summa cum laude graduate of the NCPAG but “unfortunately” the dream turned to just being the SECOND…


Here’s his for me:

I met a budding mathematician three years ago (whether in the body, I do not know; or outside of the body, I do not know; God knows) such a one was to become my best friend, a comrade who sticks closer and more thoughtful than a brother does.

As the careful ears decipher the code of notes and unleash the harmony in music, the same is the eyes of his mind in appreciating the exactness of the universe through numbers and logic. Profoundly fascinated in finding meanings out of abstractions, he effectively imparted to me a deeper perspective in viewing the reality while maintaining a sense of contentment amidst simplicity.

He is hard to define, I know. A highly sociable person and yet still has a pinch of shyness within himself. He is a student that frequently spends a whole night without sleep just to finish a math problem set and yet still has an unswerving energy to perform his tasks as a Bible advocate in the University.

I could see him in the future as a brilliant actuary just like what he wants to be. That budding mathematician I met three years ago undeniably has a great potential to mark his name in the history. Yet, with God’s help and mercy, he will stay as humble as he is.


In his write up for me, I have to mention that there’s no chance for me to be a brilliant actuary now. Also, RC Mancenido did graduate as a summa cum laude.

Yours Truly,

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